7 Questions To Ask Your Team Every Month

Companies that want to achieve continuous growth need to create a culture of continuous feedback.

The whole team should be working together to help the company achieve its goals, fulfill its mission, and be stewards of its values.

To do this, it’s important to adopt a culture of continuous feedback.

We know that employees that are on the front-lines have a much better perspective of what should be improved and why, so it’s vital that you create an environment for them to speak their mind.

The most valuable thing you can do as a leader is to remove any fear that your employees have of speaking up.  Let them know that they can be as open and honest as they want without worry of being punished.

Traditionally, companies use an annualize system to collect feedback, but regularly asking questions to your employees will make your company much more agile.

Leaders need to be constantly how things can be improved.

Involving employees in these discussions will also make them more engaged, because they’ll feel more involved in the decision-making process.  There’s nothing more demotivating than feeling like your opinion doesn’t count.

But for leaders, asking employees questions frequently is easier said than done; there is an art and science to it. Body language, tone of voice, even the words you use can all affect the responses you get.


Before going through which questions, you should be asking your team, let’s talk about how to ask these questions.

Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you’re getting the most valuable information from employees.

1.    Listen Carefully

This is an important tip.

When an employee is giving you feedback, you’ll naturally have the urge to respond and defend yourself. Learning how to hold back is one of the most valuable lessons to collecting good feedback.

Even if there is a pause in the conversation, what will often happen is if you don’t respond, the employee will continue to talk and share insights they might not have otherwise shared.

2.    Follow Up Frequently

Don’t be afraid to ask the same questions month after month. Sometimes, employees aren’t ready to share, or maybe they don’t have anything to say yet.

But as your employees are constantly reminded of these questions, they start to think about these things more and more in their day-to-day.

3.    Mean What You Say

Don’t ask questions for the sake of asking them, ask them because you’re genuinely interested in getting better.

Come with a mindset of improvement, it will make the way you hear the responses much different.

4.    Ask Gently

Always consider the tone of your questioning. Questions should be about inquiring rather than advocating.


Here are 7 questions that you should ask your team each month:

  1. What’s One Thing You Did This Month That You’re Proud Of?

We often forget to take time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, but by asking employees this question once a month, you’ll help build that sense of pride.

  1. If You Were The CEO, What’s One Thing You Would Do Differently?

Leaders want their employees to feel and act like owners of the company, and this question is a great way to give them that sense of ownership.

You’re also likely to get some amazing ideas from employees, because it gives them the opportunity to imagine if they were in control.

3.    How Can I Be a Better Leader?

If you are a good leader, then you’re constantly looking to grow and improve.

It’s especially important with this question to remind employees that they can feel free to say whatever they want.

As a leader, be willing to accept whatever feedback comes from your employees.

4.    What’s Your Biggest Challenge Right Now?

Everyone faces challenges at work.

Leaders need to act like coaches and be there to guide their employees through whatever they’re going through.

Consistently asking this question will help employees grow and become better at what they do.

5.    What Can We Do to Make You More Successful?

Personal growth is by far the biggest driver of professional growth.

Asking employees every month how you can make them better is a great way to make sure employees are always improving and becoming more productive.

Every good leader knows it’s the people under them that are responsible for the company’s success, by shifting the focus to how the company can make employees more successful, the team will be more productive.

6.    What’s One Thing We Should Do to Improve Our Product/Service?

Your best source of innovation will be from front-line employees.  Make sure that you are frequently asking them how the company can be better. It’s important to ask this question repeatedly because the market changes so often.

7.    Are There Any Projects You’d Really Like to Work on If You Were Given the Opportunity?

For employees to be truly motivated at work, they need to be working on projects they they’re passionate about.

Employees often change roles in companies as they continue to discover themselves. Help them discover their passions by asking this question frequently.

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