Elliott loves to tease that “It’s cheaper to keep her”, and while that’s a flippant tag line, we all know that NO ONE wins in divorce. Not you, not your kids, not your friends, not your family. Not your professional life, your bank balance or your sense of self-worth.

Divorce is complete and utter destruction of everything you once held near and dear.

Being in a relationship is the hardest thing that you will ever have to do in your life. It is the only thing that demands constant attention, constant care. You don’t get to call in sick, or have vacation days, you have to work at it all the time.

Here is an “aha’ moment for you. Right now, write down the first 5 roles you play in your life.


There is no doubt that the usual suspects made the list: parent, sibling, child, caregiver, friend, provider, even what you do for a living. But where did the relationship with your spouse fall within that list?

Would it make you feel better to learn that you are not alone? That 90% of the couples we work with list everything else BUT their relationship with each other?

When you consider that the relationship you have with your partner is the LINCH PIN to every other aspect in your life, don’t you think your relationship deserves to rank within the top 5? Perhaps even in the top poll position?

We ourselves have walked through the valley of relationship death and have found ways to create paths that lead to finding happiness, finding fulfillment with ourselves and each other, and dare we say, finding fun.

We offer 2 Day Intensives, where we come to you, where ever you are most comfortable and work worth you individually and as a couple to unearth what’s really going on and together find ways to overcome the past, moving towards a future that’s sees you in step with each other. Not in front of, not behind, but side by side, ready to face whatever comes your way, together.

Don’t let the darkness win. Don’t let your mind tell you a story that is skewed by judgement and pain. You can and will get back on track. Together, stronger.

To find out more, and to see if we are a fit for you contact us.