Art of Strategy ft Devin Morrison

From small town, humble beginnings, to a successful skateboarding career to being one of the top rainmakers in the hospitality industry, Devin’s path has been filled with grit and determination. Everything is his life, and I mean everything HE has made happen.

From skateboarder to dishwasher to Operations Director of the Teatro Group. Providing complete oversight to 7 restaurants that pull in more than 13.5 million in annual revenue. Managing more than 215 employees. Life has taught him to be:

· Tenacious

· Reliable

· Fair

· Confident

· Optimistic

· Adaptable

· And what I find super intriguing, self-aware

You won’t find him wasting energy on what he can’t control and the words “give up” is not in his vocabulary.

So today, I want you to sit back, kick off your shoes, buckle in for we are about to go on one hell of a fast ride.

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