The Art of Strategy ft. J.D. Hibbert

I believe that success isn’t defined by the size of your bank account, the type of car you drive, how large your home is. I believe that success is defined by those who’ve walked alongside the shadows, stepping into the darkness and have come out the other side. Stronger. Wiser. Empowered.

Success is looking fear in the face and saying Fuck You, I win. Success is believing in yourself. Believing that you are stronger than your past. Success is forgiveness, not of others, but of yourself. Success is learning, growing, evolving, understanding that your future defines you and that the past is only but a series of lessons.

Today my friends, I have the privilege of introducing you to Success. And his name is J.D. Hibbert.

His journey is an extraordinary one. In 2018, he was homeless, a reality that he once believed to be an impossibility. He was scared, felt lost, powerless and defeated.

What was once lost, was now found. From destruction, birthed purpose.

Today, I want you to sit back, kick off your shoes, buckle in for we are about to go on an incredible ride. One where we look inside what it takes to be Jay he continues to walk a life of greatness.

Alison Geskin is a highly sought after business coach, helping organizations and people perform at their best. She in an ICF CEC CODC and CLC Instructor and in 2019 she was recognized by Forbes as a leading Business Coach and sits on the Forbes Coaches Council.

As a recognized leader in Business Strategy and Performance Coaching, she is your secret weapon, a true partner that will give you the tools and strategies you need to take your business and life to the next level. Together you will build capacity, mobilize change and achieve profitable, sustainable results.

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