The Art of Strategy ft. Matt Batey

Today we are going to deep dive into the business and personal sides of Matt Batey.

A veritable maverick in the culinary world.

Tapping into his deeply rooted desire to follow his dream as a chef at the tender age of 14, working his way up and across his field to earning silver and gold medals, a world championship to taking on his biggest challenge to date which sees him at the helm as Corporate Executive Chef of the Teatro Group of Restaurants; 7 in total… far…..

In the ever-changing landscape of the culinary world, where we’ve seen some of the biggest, brightest and best close their doors, Matt has, through his tenacity, incredible talent and yes, sacrifice has earned an extraordinary reputation as one of the best in his industry…..all of this and he just turned 40.

So today, I want you to sit back, kick off your shoes, buckle in for we are about to go on a fascinating journey. One where we look inside what it takes to be Matt Batey and to stay relevant and at the top of his game in this ever-changing world.

Alison Geskin is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Life Coach and a High Impact Business Strategist.

As a recognized leader in Business Strategy and Performance Coaching, she is your secret weapon, a true partner that will give you the tools and strategies you need to take your business and life to the next level. Together you will build capacity, mobilize change and achieve profitable, sustainable results.

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