The Art of Strategy ft. Milena Radakovic

Today we are going to deep dive into the business and personal sides of Milena Radakovic, an outstanding leader in our Country, all while being President and Owner of Nexus Exhibits, one of Canada’s premier trade show companies.

Coming from struggle, Melina embodies the definition of what it means to be a true leader.    Inspired by her parents, who had the courage to leave Belarus, Russia to pursue a better life when she was only a child, she’s learned first-hand to follow your dreams, no matter the risk.

She has helped start the Calgary Chapter of the Women in Leadership Foundation, a National not for profit organization dedicated to advancing women in leadership roles. Is an active member with EO and has received more awards than I have handbags, and if you know me at all, you know that’s a lot…… all in recognition of her outstanding leadership in striving to develop the next generation of leaders.

Outside of running a successful business, having a healthy marriage and cheering on her girls who are extremely active in sports – how does she have it all? Where does this drive to not only succeed in her life but helping others do the same, come from?

Today, I want you to sit back, kick off your shoes, buckle in for we are about to go on an inspiring ride.  One where we look inside what it takes to be Melina as she continues to ignite change, one entrepreneur, one business at a time.

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