The Art of Strategy ft. Sheenah Rogers Pfeiffer

Today we are going to deep dive into the business and personal sides of Sheenah Rogers Pfeiffer.  A veritable maven in the communications world.  Sheenah been on the fast track to success ever since she graduated school and has become one of the most forward thinking strategic communications leaders, I’d dare to say….. across the

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The Art of Strategy ft. Matt Batey

Today we are going to deep dive into the business and personal sides of Matt Batey.

A veritable maverick in the culinary world.

Tapping into his deeply rooted desire to follow his dream as a chef at the tender age of 14, working his way up and across his field to earning silver and gold medals, a world championship to taking on his biggest challenge to date which sees him at the helm as Corporate Executive Chef of the Teatro Group of Restaurants; 7 in total… far…..

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The Art of Strategy ft. Amanda Hamilton

Today we are going to deep dive into the business and personal sides of Amanda Hamilton, one of Canada’s most sought after interior designers.

Amanda has a wildly popular self-titled collection of lifestyle accessories, and has won more awards and has been recognized in more publications than I have shoes, literally.

And if that wasn’t enough, she just launched a company that streamlines, simplifies and makes interior design accessible for everyone.

She has curated more than 50 pre-made palettes that include everything one would want – a grab and go, all in one, designed for you – selection of finishes and materials good to go.

It’s like having her brain, in a box.

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The Art of Strategy ft. Käthe Lemon

Today we are going to deep dive into the incredible professional and personal sides of Käthe Lemon, Editor and Chief of Avenue Magazine. For those who aren’t familiar with Avenue Magazine, you may just be living under a rock. Avenue has been a monthly must-read for Calgarians covering the BEST this great City has to offer covering everything from food, fashion, shopping, home design, arts and culture, dining, travel and leisure for the last 24 years.

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Strategy in Action: Canada Post

Today I want to drill into an organization, that if you are Canadian, use ALL THE TIME. And
maybe, just maybe take a wee bit for granted. It’s one of those companies that often are
behind the scenes and overlooked in terms of operations and strategy.

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Art of Strategy ft Kim Stern

We all know that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, that is takes guts, and a little bit of crazy to keep on fighting so today I want you to sit back, kick off your shoes, buckle in for we are about to go on one hell of an inspiring ride.

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Strategy in Action: Walmart

Love them or hate them, but you can’t help admire Walmart’s bold strategy.

Walmart has got people talking.

For one thing, comparable sales at Walmart’s US stores grew by 4.5 percent–its strongest growth in more than a decade. And we all know it’s not easy to pull off major change in a public company, especially when most shareholders are happy with the status quo…

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Art of Strategy ft Devin Morrison

From small town, humble beginnings, to a successful skateboarding career to being one of the top rainmakers in the hospitality industry, Devin’s path has been filled with grit and determination. Everything is his life, and I mean everything HE has made happen.

From skateboarder to dishwasher to Operations Director of the Teatro Group. Providing complete oversight to 7 restaurants that pull in more than 13.5 million in annual revenue. Managing more than 215 employees. Life has taught him to be…

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Strategy in Action : Netflix

Netflix has expanded to being available in 190 Countries in only 8 years and their global growth is a huge factor in the company’s overall success. Netflix operates in over 190 countries, and close to 73 million of its some 130 million subscribers are outside of the U.S., where it all began. As you can imagine, this is a remarkable achievement for a company that only operated in the U.S. before 2010 and in only 50 countries by 2015.

So, let’s peel back those onion layers and look at what went into scaling this tremendous growth.

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Finding your HIGH with Amber Zenith

Welcome Amber Zenith, co-owner, co-creator, co-founder, co-choreographer, co-super woman of High Fitness, one of the fastest rising stars in the Fitness Industry. In just over 3 years…

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