12 Crucial Questions You Need To Ask When Looking To Develop An Effective Team

Developing an effective team can be one of the most crucial aspects of success in any business. It takes time, as each member brings unique personality traits, preferences, styles and experiences to the team. It is a worthy investment, because once things gel, a team that works together effectively will benefit your operations and improve the overall experience for your customers. Here are twelve questions you should be asking yourself as you look to strengthen one of your greatest assets:

  • Do team members understand what is expected of them?

  • Does the team as a whole understand what the goals and the vision of the organization are?

  • Are all team members aware of resources available to them as a team to achieve their goals?

  • Are individual’s talents and strengths utilized effectively within the team and individually?

  • Does each team member understand their strengths and values to the organization?

  • Is there an effective feedback process in place to coach for performance?

  • Are there performance target for team goals to reduce time in goal achievement?

  • Is the team struggling with low employee morale, retention and/ore frequent miscommunication barriers?

  • Is there a policy in place for conflict resolution?

  • Does the team adjust well to the fluent and changing nature of the work place?

  • How are team members encourages to work for the common good of the organization?

  • How have the indicators of success been evaluated within the organization? Are they reached frequently?

  • Once answered, consider developing a plan to help orient the team towards both personal and collective success.

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