Alison Geskin is about living well and taking responsibility for your life on every level, personally and professionally. She is about motivation, inspiration, transformation, and solutions for winning – in business and in life. She believes with the right tools and strategies, everyone can and should live life to the fullest.

She encourages people to think out of the box, step out of their comfort zone and take risks, live in the moment, and face their limitations and challenges… and live life to the fullest. She provides thought-provoking information, choices, and options for living, in an unforgettable, energetic, direct, interactive and highly entertaining way.

Gone are the days where a speaker stands behind a podium, reading the same material that’s projected from the screen.  Alison brings a fresh, inspiring, unique approach, one that teaches, inspires and challenges the audience.  She brings her energy, humor and expertise along with the collaborative style that gets people moving!

Breaking through traditional approaches, Alison inspires people to take action the moment she steps off the stage.

Eat Strategy For Breakfast

This one hour session is designed to transform thinking, overcome obstacles and set a path towards success.  Breaking through traditional approaches to strategy, Alison shares practical tools that she’s developed that create thriving, sustainable and rewarding environments.  Get ready to create your own roadmap towards greater empowerment that will leave you inspired to take action as soon as she leaves the stage.

 60 min, Q & A

Creating Success That Endures

Companies that enjoy enduring success have core value and a core purpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world.  Truly great companies understand the different between what should never change and what should be open for change, between what is genuinely sacred and what it not.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig deep as Alison walks you through the key building blocks to re-learn, re-tool, re-envision and set your organization up for enduring success.

60 min, Q & A

Become Smarter Better Faster

Learn to recognize the choices that fuel true productivity.  The difference between being merely busy and genuinely productive is about taking control of how we think and making better choice – instead of simply reacting to life’s constant demands.  Some of the most productive people create habits that force themselves to think.  Together we will explore the numerous ways that people can become more effective, whether in improving time management, motivation, setting goals, or making decisions.  Become smarter, faster and better at everything you do.

60 min, Q & A

This Is Me - This Is Us

This is a powerful interactive session that encourages teams to step into their greatness.  Get ready to unshackle preconceived notions, thoughts and shadows as together we stand courageously through vulnerability and transform the way we think about ourselves and each other.  We will unearth our uniqueness and ultimately discover the experiences that we share, learning that as we step into the light, we are not alone.  It’s time to step into the arena and into greatness.

60 Min, Q & A 

Our Personal Why

Looking to make more intentional choices for your business, your career and your life?  Nothing gives a person inner wholeness and peace like a distinct understanding of where they are going. It’s time to dig deep and understand exactly why we do what we do.  Together we will unearth a clear understanding of what drives your behaviour when you’re at your natural best, giving you a point of reference for  everything you do moving forward.  This 60 minute session with inspire you unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

60 Min. Q & A

The What And The Why

This is an extraordinary journey into unearthing the fundamental purpose of your organization.  This transformative process allows for your team as a collective, to deepen and enrich the discussion of what you do and why while simutanelously getting re-inspired, re-engaged and re-committed.  There is no more powerful tool than discovering your what and your why.

60 Min. Q & A

Understanding The Organizations Deeper Reason For Being

Let’s play the Corporate Serial Killer Game. Suppose you could sell the company to someone who would pay a price that everyone inside the company agrees is more than fair (even with a very generous set of assumptions about the expected future cash flows of the company).   Suppose further that this buyer would guarantee stable employment for all employees at the same pay scale after the purchase but with no guarantee that those jobs would be in the same industry.   Finally suppose the buyer plans to kill the company after the purchase – its products and services would be discontinued, its operations shut down, its brand names would be shelved forever and so on.  The company would utterly and completely cease to exist.

Would you accept the offer?  Why or Why not?  Why is it important that the company continue to exist?

60 Min. Q & A