Business Strategy

“Alison is truly talented at many things as you can see from this profile. She is a trusted advisor and business partner that helps corporations to find a unique and fresh perspective to build interesting community partnerships. I wish Alison was part of our team.”
Cristi Cruz
Senior Manager, Community Affairs, TELUS

“Alison is a collaborative, insightful, and innovative strategist. She is a motivator, communicator, relationship builder and developer of top talent. We’ve tried to convince her to hang up her shingle and come on board with us full time, perhaps we just have to offer the right incentive.”
Joe Mark
Senior Vice President

“Alison is a collaborative, insightful, and innovative strategist. She is a motivator, communicator, relationship builder and developer of top talent. We’ve tried to convince her to hang up her shingle and come on board with us full time, perhaps we just have to offer the right incentive.

I was stuck in my business. I found Alison so very helpful in giving me great new strategy ideas. I loved the support and accountability that I just wasn’t getting anywhere else. She has a keen understanding of what goes through your mind when it comes to your business and helps break down those barriers so that you can truly celebrate your success. She is there to help navigate the bumpy road with you.

The key to taking your business to the next level is Alison. She won’t let you play small if you need to be playing big. Alison combines motivation with compassion and inspires you to trust yourself first, be strategic, have those stretch goals and execute with precision.”
Kelly Goria
Edmonton, Canada

“I began working with Alison Geskin on a regular basis as part of the Cultural Human Resources Council, Talent2Lead Program in 2017. Dedicating time out of my schedule to work with Alison has provided me the opportunity to evaluate the WHY we do things the way we do, HOW we can make changes to better serve the WHY of our business, and to hone in on my own leadership style and skills in a safe environment. This dedicated time to reflect and discuss situations, scenarios and options without judgement has contributed to my growth as a leader. Alison is passionate, dedicated, brilliant, unconventional, and authentic. She truly wants to see you succeed and shares in your triumphs and obstacles.”
Dawn Leite
Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge

Coaching - Alison

“During a time in my life when the world seemed to be spinning faster than I could grasp, Alison showed me how to slow down and savor the moment. She helped me rediscover the true version of me. One without the self-doubt, one where the voice instead my head isn’t so loud nor important.

Through my work with Alison, I have created a life that I deserve. I am truly aware of my wants, needs and values. I have set real, measurable goals that I know I can achieve.

And, most importantly, I now have the confidence, attitude and tools to never sell myself short again. Looking back, I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I know that I couldn’t have made a better investment.”
Jill Stevens
Calgary, Alberta

“Alison is one of the most passionate, caring people I have had the pleasure to work with. She is an encouraging engaging professional, a communicator and thinks step by step to get big results. Highly recommend.”
Kristen Anselmo Hertzog
Award Winning Speaker & Entrepreneur

“Working with Alison as a coach has given me new perspective on my career and how my ambition in this area of life influences and has ultimately strained my relationship. Through exploring the conflict and my priorities in these areas of life I have a fresh perspective on each day.”
S. Rose

Coaching - Elliott

“The 5 biggest benefits from working with Elliott would be:

1. A dramatic improvement in your life and a significant increase in your energy levels, leading to high levels of creativity.

2. Clarity around your where you are and a renewed motivation to succeed.

3. Ownership of your own behavior and an increased understanding of other people’s behavior, leading to improved relationships at all levels.

4. More abundance in all areas of your life.

5. Confidence that you are being responsible not only to yourself but to others.

I feel privileged to have been able to learn from someone that I fully respect.”
Dan Reddin

“I get it, we are guys. We try to suck it up, but the stress is always there — and bottling it up can make us feel anxious, depressed, angry, or afraid. This leads to self-criticism, and before long we’re stuck in a self-defeating rut.

Working with Elliott makes you realize that it’s go time. No more excuses. If you do the work, you will get exactly what you want. More time, more money, smoother interpersonal relationships, and way less drama in your life.

Thanks man, you’re a life saver.”
Phil Arnold

“If you’re looking for a catalyst to find out what your version of happy looks like, then working with Elliott is for you.

The tools Elliott has given me have been amazing at helping me get really clear on what I want my life to look like.

Elliott is wise, grounded and talented – which is what you want in a coach – but it’s his inspired outlook on life that has helped me discover and understand what really is important to me.”
Eva Anderson
Calgary, Canada

Coaching - Alison & Elliott

“Working with Alison and Elliott was scary at the start, neither Justin or I knew really what to expect, we only knew that we needed to change or we’d be in trouble. In the last two years of our marriage, I really felt that my life took a back seat to Justin’s. I was feeling frustrated and not heard in our relationship. I felt that Justin’s needs came first, and I’m not afraid to say that I sometimes felt like he loved his car more than me. I really wanted to create life of my own and not feel like what I wanted was not important.

Working with Alison and Elliott feels so amazing. We are so thrilled and we both learned a lot about each other and how we need to put each other’s needs first. I feel like both Justin and I are more open to try new things and are open to making changes in our relationship. Things are a lot better now. We feel more instep as a couple and see that the effort that we put into our relationship is what we get out of it. Although Justin still says that I cook bland meals….somethings just take longer to change. We can’t thank them enough for the impact they’ve made in our lives.”
Kia and Justin Travers
Toronto, Canada
“Having this sort of experience makes you examine how your relationship functions from a different perspective. We now find ourselves doing more for each other, paying attention to each other needs in a more meaningful way.

Sherri is a dancer, has been since we first met and I realized that I don’t dance with her. I love being on the water, spending as much time as I can kayaking and Sherri isn’t a confident swimmer. Meeting in the middle I now take weekly salsa lessons, although I can’t say I will ever get rid of these two left feet of mine. Sherri found that while she didn’t feel comfortable in adult group swimming lessons, that hiring a private swim instructor gave her the added confidence she needed to overcome her fears. I don’t know if open water kayaking will ever be a passion of hers but she is open to try and is now bugging me to head out to the beach.

Now, you know this isn’t about me dancing or her sharing my love for water. It’s about letting go of our “cant’s and wont’s” and putting each other first. Somewhere along the way, that got lost with us. Work, kids, life…. we let everything else get ahead of what’s important, which is us.

Working with Alison and Elliott was hard work. It’s not easy to hold a mirror up to yourself and admit that you can do and be better. Where we got stuck before, they were able to help us not only understand why we were breaking down but to also help us hear each other, without ego. Understanding and finding that common ground for us, and being able to speak what we actually need, I’m not going to lie, it was not easy. But we did get there.

For us, divorce is a last option, and not saying that we hadn’t threatened each other with that in the past, but we feel like we’ve had a reset, a restart and it’s nice to be in a place that can better handle problems instead of handling problems that turned into crisis.

Both Sherri and I are in a much better place than we were before we had Alison and Elliott come to us. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.”
George and Sherri Walker
Wilmington, North Carolina
“We appreciate the time you have dedicated to us. You have definitely given us the strength to understand a lot more about ourselves as well as others.

We would really like to thank you for reminding us that at the end of the day we will always love each other no matter what obstacles are in our way and that we make a great team.

We wish you and your family many blessings.”
Karen and Todd Sebastian
Calgary, Canada
“We needed help with putting our relationship back together and from researching who would be the best fit, we found Elliott and Alison.

We had an instant affinity, they understood the problems and worked with us to create a mini plan to help, giving us direction to work with.

The strongest recommendation we can make is to say that with both Elliott and Alison on your side, you have a great chance of fixing life’s issues.”
Liam and Patricia Joseph
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA